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Providing Everything You Need


Smart Home

Our Audio Visual installation experts have the know-how to keep everything that is important about your home close to you! We specialize in developing custom user interfaces to control every aspect of your home from the TV to the Thermostat.

With over 50+ years of experience in home automation, telephone systems, and network cabling our team can help you build the Smart Home of your dreams! Drop us a line or leave a note on our contact page to schedule a consultation!

Surveillance & Security

We've all left home and wondered, "Did I close the garage door? Is Grandma moving about ok?"

Our customized surveillance and security systems are easy to use and bring instant peace of mind anywhere at anytime. Using the power of wireless networks and the cloud our team can design a system that will help you to always know exactly what's going on at home!

Get in touch with our team of experts for a consultation to see what solutions will work best for you!


Smart Agriculture

We know our country's Farmers and Ranchers are extremely busy people, and that's why we want to do all we can to make their days a little simpler. Our team of technicians have been working a number of solutions to make keeping an eye on your crops to managing your hands easier to do while you're out in the field.

Contact us by phone or by our contact page to schedule a consultation so we can build a solution that works best for you!

Live Stream & Video Conferencing

The age of distanced communication is upon us. We at Kinnon have been working on unprecedented solutions to ensure that you can communicate face to face with your audience, family, or coworkers from anywhere at anytime.

With the ability to scale from one end user to many we're confident we can build a working solution for your need.

Contact us via phone or our contact page to schedule a consultation!

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